Personal Training

personal training

Personal Training

Our experienced and diversified team of professional Personal Fitness Instructors offer their expertise in guiding you to achieve your fitness and personal training goals and to improve your fitness & health levels. The focus is on your individual fitness program, your learning style, your schedule, your strengths and your challenges.

Our ProActive Fitness Program

Penfield Sport & Fitness offers a unique program that will help establish your goals and maximize your membership. We call it ProActive Fitness. The secret to the success of this program is in the 1 1/2-hour Fitness Consultation that the member has with a Fitness Consultant. Three fitness consultations a year are strongly recommended.

Fitness Consultation

  • Every fitness consultation includes these elements and is designed to help each member set achievable goals and gain optimal results:
  • In-depth health screening to ensure every member is safe to exercise.
  • A cardio-vascular assessment to evaluate how efficiently your heart and lungs function during exercise.
  • A body composition analysis.
  • Flexibility and strength limitation testing.
  • Measurement of blood pressure and resting heart rate.
  • Total body measurements.
  • Muscular endurance assessments.
  • Determination of equipment knowledge based on range of movement, speed and control of exercise, breathing patterns, body positioning
  • and isolation.
  • Equipment technique demonstration.
  • Exercise prescription.

Even if you’ve been working out for years, with or without a trainer, you will benefit in many ways by going through our Fitness Consultation and participating in our ProActive Fitness program. ¬†Our Fitness Consultants and Trainers are always upgrading their education, and equipment and training procedures. We know you will walk out of our Fitness Consultation having learned something new about how to improve your health and make your exercise experience more challenging and rewarding.