5 Reasons to Join a Gym With Childcare


September 6, 2017

gyms with childcare

When you want to get back into shape, you need a membership at a fitness center and/or gym. Every place advertises claiming to have the best deal, but you should look for an establishment that offers free childcare. The benefits are too good to ignore.


  1. Decrease Stress: When you are a parent, it may seem as though there is no time in the day for you to focus on your own well-being. Every second is dedicated to the kids. With a gym membership, you have a chance to get out of the house for a bit. You spend an hour working out, and your kids spend time playing. Everyone wins.
  2. Meet Other Moms: Being a parent does not mean losing friends. In fact, you can bond with other parents going through the same emotions as you. At a gym with free childcare, you can be certain there will be other moms. You can talk with one another during your workouts. You can also set up play dates between your two youngsters during the weekends.
  3. Burn Baby Weight: It is natural to put on weight during pregnancy. However, many moms want to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies afterward. A gym helps greatly, but you can’t hit the treadmill with a BabyBjörn strapped to your body. A fitness center offering free babysitting allows you to get on your feet and exercise. Before you know it, you will regain your pre-pregnancy body.
  4. Motivate Each Other: When you go to a fitness center with friends, you are less likely to become complacent. You and the other moms can encourage each other to lose the baby weight. You can even set up a little friendly competition. Do whatever you can to stay motivated and reach your ideal weight.
  5. Save Money: It can seem expensive to pay for a gym membership and daycare for your children. When a gym offers childcare, it suddenly becomes more affordable. You get more bang for your buck. You can justify the expense because babysitting typically comes free with membership. Exercise and daycare becomes one expense, and you do not have to break the bank to get in shape.


How Can Penfield Sport and Fitness Help?

Penfield Sport and Fitness, located in Rochester, New York, is proud to offer free childcare for all gym members. You can leave your child with us for up to two hours every day, and we make sure every child has an awesome experience. If you are interested in signing up, then call us at 585-586-7777.

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