Why Give Yoga Classes a Try?


January 1, 2018

yoga classes

Would you like to give Yoga a try? Or other group fitness class? Here’s your complimentary workout.

Would you like to give Yoga a try? Or other group fitness class? Here’s your complimentary workout.

Are you looking to try something new this year? Yoga is a great option for students of all ages! It’s a multifaceted approach to physical and mental health that includes breathing, quiet relaxation, stretching, and strengthening. Yoga classes are an opportunity for the community to come together and build each other up in a positive atmosphere. You don’t have to be flexible to sign up for yoga – we’ll teach you everything you need to know!

If you’re interested in joining a yoga class but you’re not yet ready to go all in, we put together some helpful information that we hope encourages you to take the plunge!

What to Expect with Yoga Classes

Each yoga class is structured a little differently. For example, the Vinyasa style of yoga includes movements that seamlessly flow in coordination with the participant’s breathing pattern. Other yoga classes are more focused on holding postures. To accommodate all skill levels, we host multi-level yoga classes, so each student moves at his or her own pace in a room filled with fellow beginners as well as more experienced participants.

How to Get Started

Most yoga classes begin with quiet breathing. This allows you to release any pent-up stress from your day and pay attention to your body. The poses then transition to a gentle, all-over warming movement. Eventually the postures increase in difficulty to strengthen specific muscle groups.

Try some of these poses at home to give you a glimpse of what yoga is like!

Standing poses improve balance and posture. Some examples include:

  • Mountain pose:
    yoga classes, mountain pose
  • Crescent Lunge
    yoga classes, crescent lunge
  • Warrior pose
    yoga classes, warrior pose
  • Triangle pose
    yoga classes, triangle pose
  • Tree pose
    yoga classes, tree pose
  • Dancer’s pose
    yoga classes, dancer's pose

Some backbending poses include:

  • Locust pose
    yoga classes, locust pose
  • Bow pose
    yoga classes, bow pose
  • Bridge pose
    yoga classes, bridge pose

The list goes on. During the Boat pose, a core strengthener, your booty is on the ground so that your body makes a rigid V shape, with your arms held straight out parallel to the floor.

yoga classes, boat pose

The downward facing dog is a transitional pose and your feet and hands touch the floor with your booty in the air, making an upside down V shape.

yoga classes, downward facing dog

If there’s a pose you simply don’t feel like doing that day, you can rest in the Child’s pose.

yoga classes, child's pose

With any pose, you can use variations to meet your body’s needs. Variations are especially important if you have a medical illness. Make sure to ask your healthcare provider if he or she approves of your taking yoga classes.

Even in a single yoga class, the skill level varies from person to person. Some days you may be tired and you choose to spend more time on the relaxing poses. Other days you may want a more strenuous workout. Yoga is flexible and accommodating to all people.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

A great option for athletes and non-athletes alike, yoga contributes to physical health; the isometric muscle contraction in the poses helps you become stronger and toned. As you learn how to balance effort and ease, you’ll become more flexible. You’ll notice better posture and develop kinesthetic awareness of where your body is in space.

As you’re instructed through the physical postures, you’ll also develop mental health. Yoga is known as a tool for stress management. As you connect with deep, nurturing breaths, you’ll notice any negativity slowly fade away. It’s your chance to let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions. Yoga is an exercise of self-love and accepting your body the way it is. As you are in the moment, you learn to accept circumstances as they are.

The purpose of yoga is self compassion. You can’t take care of other people if you don’t take care of yourself first.

What are Yoga Classes at Penfield Fitness Like?

We have a thriving yoga program that rivals any yoga studio in the area. Yoga instruction is included in a Penfield Fitness Membership. Don’t sign up, just show up! We provide all the necessary equipment so that you can simply get started. You can pick whatever emphasis works best for you, such as strength training or restorative yoga.

yoga classes instructor

Carol Moon, one of our amazing yoga instructors here at Penfield Fitness!

With 8-10 yoga instructors (who have all passed the 200 hour yoga certification requirement), we have the capacity to allow you to pick whatever class schedule works for you. You can easily work around shifts, children’s schedules, social events, etc.

There’s no reason not to come! We see a wide range of ages (18-85) and skill levels, so there’s no need to feel intimidated. “I’d encourage all people, give it a try. Yoga is a wonderful practice of self-care.” ~ Carol Moon, Penfield Fitness Yoga Instructor

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