Group Fitness Classes

Class Descriptions

Active: Gives you all the fitness training you need – Cardio, Strength, Balance and Flexibility in one class! (60 minutes)

Centergy: Grow stronger and improve your stamina using Yoga and Pilates fundamentals along with dynamic, whole body movements. (60 minutes)

Power: Barbell program that strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with awesome music! (60 minutes)

Ride: Huge calorie burner! Outdoor cycling experience brought in doors, ROLL OVER HILLS, CHASE THE PACK and CLIMB MOUNTAINS to the finish line! (60 minutes)

R30: Burn calories, improve muscular endurance and build cardio fitness with short intervals, power and end with a rush! (30 minutes)

Yoga: Powerful poses, a combination of Yoga styles set to improve overall health. (60 minutes)

Booty Barre: A perfect combination of strength and flexibility with an added cardiovascular element utilizing the barre. (50 minutes)

YOGA Balance: Integrates balance, range of motion, and stretching. Class is performed standing. (50 minutes)

Silver & Fit: Designed for older adults looking for a moderate-level, well balanced exercise routine. Increase heart health, muscular endurance & strength and flexibility and balance. (50 minutes)

Silver Sneakers: Move to the music in this program designed for older adults that increases muscular strength and range of movement. Chairs available for support. (50 minutes)

Turbo Kick: Jab and Punch your way to Fitness Goals! High energy Cardio-Kick Boxing at its best! (50 minutes)

P90X: Offers an amazing amount of variety with each workout targeting a specific goal; it builds on the principles of P90X® and focuses on agility, balance, mobility and visible results. (30-45 minutes)

HIIT & Ripped: High Intensity Interval Drills combines with strength training and core! (50 minutes)

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training using just your body! (30-45 minutes)

Boot Camp: Killer combination of Weight Training and Cardio Drills. (50 minutes)

FreeStyleCycle: Energizing class including sprints and climbs all set to upbeat music. (50 minutes)

TOTAL CORE: From your ribs to your hips, this class goes beyond the crunch. (15-30 minutes)


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