Do It In A Dress by Kelly Burke


February 5, 2018

Making a Difference

Our series Members Making A Difference is devoted to our gym members who participate in a not-for-profit organization or charity event. We want to do our part in spreading awareness and educating the community about real need in the world. Check out our own Kelly Burke’s story with Do It In A Dress!

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Hi, I’m Kelly Burke. Here is some more information about the challenge I am doing and the charity I am fundraising for.

kelly burk do it in a dress

I have just returned from being in the Peace Corps in Guinea, West Africa, where I was a secondary school science teacher. From my training and from personal experience I learned about the issues women and girls face in Guinea and other nearby countries. Over 130 million girls around the world are denied an education. Near 40% of these girls are not in school due to forced marriage, early or forced pregnancy or poverty. In my village alone I met several girls who had been married while they should have been in middle school (being married under the age of 18 is illegal by the way). One of my eighth-grade students was even pregnant and will probably have to stop going to school.

I was lucky to be born in Penfield which has a very strong education system. I had support from family, friends and the community to go to school. I believe EVERY girl should be able to have this opportunity. The opportunity to create their own future, not a future forced upon them by the society they live in.

I researched charities that aim to empower women and found Onegirl. This organization works to provide an education to girls in Uganda and Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is a close neighbor to Guinea and both are similar demographically to where I worked. The organization has four main projects. They provide scholarships to girls, they work to create small businesses, they improve school facilities and they educate women about reproductive health. In order to fundraise, they have a challenge called Do it in a Dress. I will be taking part in this challenge by training and doing a Full Tough Mudder in my school dress (the school dress is the school uniform for girls in many countries in Africa).

kelly burke penfile fitness

I will be wearing my dress every time I exercise in order to build awareness for the challenge. My fundraising page can be found at and then search my name. My fundraising goal is $1,800 which would be able to provide an education for six girls.

Thank you for your interest in my challenge! If you would like any more information just let me know!


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