Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Trainers Rochester NY

We are proud to offer a comprehensive team of Professional Personal Trainers qualified to help you with your fitness needs.  Our experienced and well-rounded Personal Training staff are proficient in developing personalized programs to meet your individual needs, and provide instruction and attention to ensure that you are properly maximizing the intent of your fitness program.

The focus is on your individual fitness program, your learning style, your schedule, your strengths and your challenges.

  • Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Movement
  • Sport-specific Training
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Joint Mobility and Flexibility
  • Fitness Technique and Proper Execution
  • Body Movement Training

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Fitness Consultation

At Penfield Sport & Fitness we are committed to helping each member safely achieve optimal results!  Even if you’ve been working out for years, with or without a trainer, you will benefit by going through a 90-minute Fitness Consultation.

The further we move into the 21s century, the more we are discovering that physical and structured exercise is one of the best preventative health tools at our disposal.  Our Fitness Consultation is a Health-related data and screening process that was developed by Dr. James Manson at the Cleveland Clinic.

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Our Pro Fitness Consultation Program

Penfield Sport & Fitness offers a unique program that will help establish your goals and maximize your workout.

Our 90-minute Fitness Consultation Program includes:

  • In-depth health screening to ensure every member is safe to exercise
  • Pre-exercise Physiological measures, such as: resting blood pressure, pulse and estimated maximal heart rate for sub maximal testing and training
  • A cardio-vascular assessment to evaluate how efficiently your heart and lungs function during exercise
  • A Body Composition analysis
  • Flexibility and Strength limitation testing
  • Body Measurements
  • Exercise prescription

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Complimentary Workout

Complimentary Workout Lead-In

Full access to Strength Training Equipment, Cardio Machines, Racquetball, Heated Lap Pool, and all Group Fitness Classes, plus much more!