Staff in the Spotlight: Julie Pumputis


November 11, 2016

julie penfield fitness

For 25 years, Julie Pumputis has been on the front lines of fitness here at PSF: greeting regulars, extending warm welcomes to newcomers, and encouraging both groups on their wellness journeys by remarking on their milestones. Here, in her own words, is why she loves her job (and it’s pretty clear why we love her back):

“I’m blessed to work here — not only because of the friendships I’ve built with co-workers, but also for the encouragement and excitement I share with members. Every day, I see my oldest and closest friends; and I meet new ones. We are a huge family. Everyone truly cares about everyone else: the trainers, the staff. I love welcoming people into the Club and knowing they’re crossing over into a positive atmosphere. I feel happy for people who decide to take that first step and come through our door. That first impression is key.

Some are scared or nervous, thinking, ‘Will I feel comfortable’? My job is to welcome and encourage them, put them at ease, and make them feel excited about the positive changes that await them. I’ve seen people needing rehab and needing to lose weight, and I’ve seen them achieve their goals. They come to us because they need help; and we give them help, support and strength – always in a positive way. Even when people come through the door saying, ‘I’m so tired,’ I’m able to say, ‘You know you’ll feel better once you’ve worked out’ – and they do. Our older members in their eighties and nineties are an inspiration to me.  My two boys grew up here at Miss Mary’s and in the pool for swimming lessons. Working out when they were young gave me the energy to get through the day. Now I have a four-month-old granddaughter that everyone here knows about!”

Thank you, Julie – for the first impression you give and the parting wisdom you share…and everything in between. We’re honored to have you in our Fitness Family.

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