Swimming Lessons

No Longer Summer? Not a problem! Join us for year-round swim lessons.

Throughout the year, we offer all levels of swim lessons days, evenings and weekends. No membership is required.

Parent and Baby Swim Class

Our pool has been recently updated! It’s an 89-degree salt pure swimming pool. What does that mean? It’s not only warm, it’s also safer for you and your kids because it’s gentler on the eyes and skin. We call this the “no shiver swim program.” And the pool is only 4 ½ feet deep.

 Classes offered continuously for:

  • Parents with children starting at 6 months
  • All ages welcome
  • American Red Cross levels 1-6 offered

Call or email us to find out specific times that are convenient for you. To register, please call 586-7777 and ask for Lindsey or email pool@penfieldfitness.com

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Swim Lessons Tell Me More

Swim Lesson Registration

kids swimming lessons

Our swimming lesson program is offered year-round. All lessons are American Red Cross.

To Register call 586-7777 and ask for Lindsey or email pool@penfieldfitness.com

Mommy and Me Swim Class

Swimming Lessons for Babies and Toddlers / Mommy & Me

(Ages six months to three years)
Learn how to be safe in and around the water with your little one in these toddler swimming lessons! Classes include supervised water activities such as getting into the swimming pool the safe way, underwater exploration readiness, back floats, arm movements, rolling over and much more. All lessons are American Red Cross.

Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

(Ages three to four years)
These kids swimming lessons are designed as an introduction to swimming and water enjoyment.  We teach each child to his or her ability and water experience. Ratio for this class is 4 students per 1 instructor. All lessons are American Red Cross.

American Red Cross Swim Lessons

American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 1: Introduction of Water Skills
American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 2: Fundamental Aquatic Skills
American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 3: Stroke Development
American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 4: Stroke Improvement
American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 5: Stroke Refinement
American Red Cross Swimming Lessons – Level 6: Personal Water Safety

Swim Lesson FAQ

How warm is the pool water? 89 degrees

Do you add chlorine to the pool? No, it is a salt pure pool. We add pool salt when necessary and the reaction to the water creates a base of chlorine that is needed to keep the water clean and healthy.

Why a salt pool instead of chlorine or bromine? We find it to be gentler on the skin and hair as well as help eliminate red eyes.

Do you offer American Red Cross classes? Yes we do! Multiple levels – parent and child, toddler and levels 1 -6

When are American Red Cross classes offered? Saturday and Sunday mornings, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. We also offer parent / child and toddler classes Tuesday and Friday mornings

How many children per instructor? We keep the ratio low to maximize instruction time. Parent / child up to 9 per class. Toddler classes no more than 4 per one instructor. Levels 1 – 6 up to 5 in the class

What happens if my child should miss a class? We offer make-ups on Saturdays at 9:25 am and on Sundays at 10:25 am. You just have to schedule them with a supervisor.

When is your next session offered? Our program is continual; therefore you are able to join at any time provided room available in your preferred class. Initial payment would be for 8 classes but if joining in the middle of a month that amount would be pro-rated.

What if I want to continue in the lessons? You could do so on a month to month after the first two months.

When joining in the middle of the month won’t my child be missing skills? No, swimming is learned by repetition of skills.

How do I register for a class? Please email Lindsey at pool@penfieldfitness.com or call 586-7777.


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