Swimming Lessons for the Off-Season


November 1, 2017

swimming lessons

Now that the cold weather has officially arrived, are you looking for ways to keep your child active this season? Swimming lessons are a practical way to get your child moving in a fun, exciting environment. Swimming has many health benefits, such as increasing lung capacity, toning muscles, and building endurance. Not to mention it puts your mind at ease – once your child learns water safety, you won’t have to worry about him or her at the beach or a pool party. Children who took swimming lessons during this past summer can build upon the skills they already know so by next season, they’ll have more experience and greater confidence in the water.

Swimming lessons for infants, toddlers, and kids

We have parent-and-child swimming lessons for children 6 months of age 3. An adult is required to be in the water with them at all times. This keeps the children safe in the water and helps them feel more comfortable during the lesson. Children ages 3-4 are in a small class (no more than 4 students per class) without parents. For Levels 1-6, we base class placement on swimming ability according to the American Red Cross standards, so the ages vary.

What are the swimming lessons like?

Most children love learning how to swim and catch on quickly to the different skills we teach here at Penfield Fitness. When you sign up, you commit to 8 weeks of swim lessons. The majority of parents continue bringing their kids to lessons on a month-to-month basis. Swimming is based on consistency and repetition, so attending all the classes and practicing the skills for weeks on end helps students learn effectively.

The American Red Cross standards outlines 6 levels for swim. Each child has time to get accustomed to each level before advancing to the next area of progress.

Swimming Lessons: Level 1

Level 1 includes general water safety tips. Students grow accustomed to being in the water. Once they’re comfortable, they may learn front flips and back flips.

Swimming Lessons: Level 2

Level 2 teaches students more basic swimming skills, such as blast offs and how to tread water.

Swimming Lessons: Level 3

Level 3 hones in on the students’ kicking skills and stroke development, such as backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, etc. By this time, students have a basic understanding of all swimming skills.

Swimming Lessons: Level 4

Now that students know what they’re doing, Level 4 focuses on improvement. Students improve their arm strokes, floating, front crawl, back crawl, etc.

Swimming Lessons: Level 5

Level 5 is about stroke refinement; students practice all major strokes, front crawl (free crawl), back crawl, etc.

Swimming Lessons: Level 6

Level 6 is fitness swimming; students increase the distance and speed. They now fully understand how to swim and can continue to practice and refine their skills. Swimming is learned most efficiently through consistent repetition.

What times are swimming lessons available?

We know your time is valuable, so scheduling is an important factor when it comes to committing to swimming lessons. Thanks to our large swim staff, we have the capacity to offer swimming instructions on weekends, evenings, and after school on Wednesdays. You can check the pool schedule for more detailed information. If your child misses a class, you can speak with an instructor to set up a make-up class on Saturdays at 9:25am or Sundays at 10:25am.

Why Choose Penfield Fitness for Swimming Lessons?

Parents enjoy Penfield Fitness swimming lessons for several reasons:

  1. Our students love the no-shiver pool; we keep the temperature at 89 degrees at all times.
  2. As a salt-based pool, there is no harsh chlorine added to the water; children don’t breathe in chlorine and their skin and hair is kept clean and fresh.
  3. We keep class sizes small so instructors can give proper attention to each student. Parent-and-child classes include 9 students per instructor, ages 3-4 no more than 4, and levels 1-5 no more than 5.


If you’re considering swimming lessons for your child, the best advice we can give you is this: be committed. Our lessons are built on consistency. Come back every week so your child knows what to expect. You can also supplement your child’s lessons with family swim time if you want. Some members drop their child off at the pool and then go workout – your child’s swim lessons can keep you accountable to your own fitness goals!

You don’t have to be a member at Penfield Fitness to participate in swim lessons, but members do get a discount. To register, call 586-7777 and talk to one of our skilled swimming instructors, or email Gail Buckner at gail@penfieldfitness.com. We’ll help you figure out what’s best for you and your child!

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